We are solution providers, not issue finders!

Focus on remedies not faults
Photo by Brett Jordan / Unsplash

When I started my career as a developer in a start-up, this was the first feedback I got from my boss and perhaps one of the best pieces of advice I've got to date.

I often hear statements such as:

  • I have never worked on this before, so I'm not sure I can do it independently.
  • I'm getting "some" errors
  • I'm still a fresher
  • I tried for the past two days, but I can't get this to work
  • I searched on Google, but I couldn't find any solutions
  • I am not able to understand the code
  • and so on

Have I never made such statements? I'd be lying if I said no, and I'm assuming it's the same with you. It was when I made one such statement that I heard, "people come to us (software services companies) because they can't do (code) what we can. So, find a way to get it done instead of finding excuses".  

I wonder if we'd take such an answer from people who serve us. Let's take some examples:

  • What if your doctor said he could not understand your problem but he will still try to treat you. Will you ever go back to him?
  • What if your cab driver said, he's just started driving and not sure if he can take your destination (on earth :P) safely? Would you cut some slack thinking he's just started his career and risk your life?
  • What if our Prime Minister said, I did a lot of things to make our country better, but I couldn't? Would you ever vote for him again?

Surprise, surprise...!! The majority of you would have said, NO!

We expect top-notch solutions and results from all the people who serve us and often fail to do the same ourselves. So, the next time your brain throws such excuses at you, please remember that our duty (in the IT industry) is to solve problems and not brood over them.